Shoe Mistri All Rounder Cleaner

Shoe Mistri All Rounder Cleaner

₹ 380.51

Shoe Mistri All-rounder is a perfect solution for your tough everyday stains. It is water less, hassle-free stain cleaner which cleans, removes dirt and most stains. Someone stamped that favourite pair? Or got them dirty in the weekend adventure? We have got you covered. -It is suitable for various surfaces like Suede, Nubuck, Velvet, Leather, Tex, soft Leathers, Mesh, Knit, Canvas etc Hard water & detergents weaken the gumming, reduce the life and damage the innate finesse of the Shoes. All-rounder cleaner is a waterless shoe cleaning solution to keep your shoes clean and give them a life they deserve. -Use it as a pre-treatment for tough stains If using Shoe Mistri Shoe Renovator as well How is it different from Shoe Mistri Shoe Shampoo? Shoe Mistri Shoe Shampoo works best on non-absorbent surfaces like PU, Synthetic leathers, Rubber/Plastic soles where as All-rounder Cleaner, as the name suggests, gives all-round cleaning and works on both absorbent as well as non-absorbent shoe types like Canvas, Fabrics, Leathers, PU, Mesh, Knits, Suede, Nubuck and most other textiles. Will it work on my leather shoes? If you want to remove stains go for All-Rounder Cleaner. For shoe shine, you may use Shoe Mistri Instant Shoe Shine on your leather shoes.